Shawn Berry

Shawn Berry applies Mathematics to Business Strategy & Operations.  Shawn programs in Python and SQL to analyze huge rectangular data.  Shawn writes so that people can see for themselves how math and logic influence business.

Shawn has applied Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics to explicitly solve real-world problems in Marketing Strategy (product development, service development, pricing, target markets), Sales Strategy (make commission rate a function of profit margin), and Supply Chain Management.

As a Duke MBA, Shawn analyzed the Dell Computer practice of stopping an assembly line to find a low-stock component that a customer ordered.  He used statistics on the costs of labor and computer components and the probability of workers finding the component after 1 minute, 2 minutes, etc.  Shawn determined that practically no missing component warranted stopping the assembly line.  Dell’s focus on limiting costs (not wanting to upgrade a component) was hurting its profits and slowing its delivery times.  Shawn instructed Dell to never stop assembly for a low-stock/out-of-stock component, i.e. to always upgrade the customer to a better component for free.  The corollary is to strategically limit the number of components so that assembly can function at full-speed.

Shawn has applied sophisticated mathematics to develop and price a $100,000,000 block of HMO insurance.  Shawn has used predictive analytics to extrapolate the collective health of the insured population, the use and effectiveness of preventative medicine, and the resulting medical loss ratios that influence profit.

Shawn understands the challenges of being an entrepreneur.  Shawn’s first company, PerfectGMAT, is the first such business to earn $10,000 per client.

Shawn holds BS Mathematics, MS Mathematics, and a Duke MBA.  For two years, Shawn was a highly-rated Mathematics teacher at the University of Miami.